Frazer Wallace

Our Creative director and founder of THEHAUSSTUDIO. With 10+ years experience he started his journey in Dundee and swiftly onto the bright lights of London. Frazer has been mentored by some of the most famous hairstylist's in the industry and business leaders alike which has led into his additional role within L'oréal professional as Guest artist. 

Throughout his career he has worked with major brands, been On stage for coveted industry hair shows and styled hair for major celebs. A regular at fashion week and educated with the elite (HOB ACADEMY).


An appointment with Frazer is a must have. Be sure to Be fast as he is in demand within Dundee and London and splits his time from both city's all whilst educating globally with L'ORÉAL and  THEHAUSSTUDIO.

Frazer specialises in hair cutting and is a L'ORÉAL Colour degree holder.




Anya Davidson

Anya is the first member of PLANET HAUS  

she joined us in February 2020 and has become an integral member of the team since then.  She is the studio straight shooter, Her attention to detail is impeccable and (just the way we like it) an amazing all rounder. She LOVES to paint hair and create amazing colour but this woman knows how to cut it crip too. Anya joined us to better her skillset and become the stylist she has always wanted to be. In her first year already she has proven her potential, coming on leaps and bounds with on going training from Frazer. 

"THEHAUSSTUDIO  is my home. as soon as I seen Frazer was opening a spot I jumped on it. I wanted to find a space to give my clients exceptional service but to also be educated and improve myself. I've never felt more creative and I can feel myself improving everyday. We are also a family. A team of people all working towards the same goal, with the same ethos but I am allowed to fully be myself And create the hair I have always wanted to. That is THEHAUSSTUDIO.  A free, kind, caring and loving place where you are allowed to be yourself. Thank you for having me"  - ANYA DAVIDSON

Anya is taking ALL clients past and present. For an appointment with Anya click our "BOOK" icon above for all details.


Shannon Wallace

Our studio manager. Shannon is the voice you will hear when you call. She also assists the team throughout the day making sure the studio runs on time and is kept in order. A no-nonsence woman with an amazing work ethic. She also happens to be Frazer's big sister. A full Time mum to Frankie (whom you will see from time to time as she loves to assist) and as of 2020 she is also a dog mama (roley will also be making appearances from time to time as we love dogs and are fully dog friendly). Shannon has been with us from day 1. Leaving her reputable career in childcare to help her little brother build his business. She is a kind and caring woman who will put anyone before herself. Making her so attentive to clients and the calm in the storm when we are all super busy.

"Joining THEHAUSSTUDIO  was a no brainer for me. I have been telling my brother (Frazer) to come home and open his own hair space for years. I believe in him and the brand so much and am so proud to be apart of this journey. The studio is like no other and the hair they all create blows me away everyday. I swear I have never seen such amazing work and happy clients before. I also trained as a hairdresser when I was 16-18 so I know exactly what the team need throughout the day. and watching my brother grow his brand and team makes me so proud But I will be there to make sure nothing goes a miss and keep everyone running smoothly. See you at your next appointment welcome to THEHAUSSTUDIO. " - Shannon


Ashley Wallace

Screenshot 2020-10-26 at 08.32.48.png

Ashley is our newest recruit. And what a find she is. A beautiful hairdresser with personality in abundance. She moved to us from her salon in Perth where she spent 9 years building up her loyal clientele and making an impact in her salon. Currently a LOREAL ID ARTIST (the ID ARTIST is a prestigious programme devoted to the development of stylist's through education, show work and exposure within the power house of Loreal. Getting onto this team is extremely difficult with a gruelling judging process) she uses everything she is taught daily. This girl is like a sponge with info. She loves to colour hair especially but cuts like a boss too. We are very proud to have her with us.

" I have never felt more at home than I do now. THEHAUSSTUDIO   is what I have been waiting for. A creative and fun environment with such attention to detail is inspiring. I love to do hair its my passion and being around likeminded people who are really devoted to the craft pushes me everyday to be even better. I am so excited to be taught by Frazer and push myself to my limits. the future is bright and I can't wait to show all client old and new this beautiful space. So what are you waiting for get on the phone and book in gurl okurrtt"  -  Ashley Wallace

Ashley is taking ALL clients past and present. For an appointment with Ashley click our 'BOOK' icon above for all the details