Cut + Blowout

Frazer Wallace 

Anya Davidson

Ashley Wallace





Blow Out

Extensions/weaves etc is an extra £5 for timing

£35  -  £40


£20 per 15 mins


We have removed the idea of levels within our studio. Things like "senior/consultant" blah blah, mainly because it gives an unrealistic expectation of what service you are receiving individually from each stylist. ALL of our stylists are incredible at what they do and experienced. With on going training  for their entire career within THEHAUSSTUDIO. We felt there is no reason why each stylist should be a different price (except Frazer because he is the leader and his time cost's a little more due to him being so busy and training us all).  We also want each stylist to know they are the exact same level of importance. SENIOR does not mean better. We hope you understand.

The age old conversation of colour pricing:

We believe that a 'price list' gives you a distorted idea of what your appointment may cost when it comes to colouring hair. 

Especially with colour we price on consultation. Don't worry we are not going to charge £500 for a root touch up but because colouring hair is a Labour of love and different to each person every time we don't want to give you an idea of pricing without looking at your hair individually and letting you know what process needs to be done to get you what you want.