Dundee's coolest hair destination. We specialise in everything hair related. Colour degree holders, renowned precision cutters and our blowouts are becoming famous in Scotlands coolest city.


I decided to create THEHAUSSTUDIO as a creative space to do the hair I have always wanted. It is the environment I have dreamt off for a long time. Everything in it is designed to make your experience sublime whilst making sure we as the stylist's have everything we could possibly need at our fingertips. We have kept a minimalist approach so as to make you feel at home. This is not a space for pretentiousness or to boost my own ego. I genuinely wanted a place where me, the team and our clients have freedom of expression and no judgment. I call this my home now. My base where no matter where I am in the world doing hair for whatever reason there really is no place like home. We are also very proud to be in Dundee. The city is beautiful and quickly becoming a destination for the art's and the coolest of cool. We cannot wait to meet you. 





L'Oréal Pro - L'Oréal has been the leading colour house in the globe for over 100 years. The brands constant innovation within the technology of hair colour means the possibilities are endless. 

Aswell as being 100% ammonia free in our studio the colour itself leaves the hair feeling soft and shiny. Including their lightening products (YES WE KNOW OMG). Frazer is also a guest artist and ambassador for L'Oréal pro and a L'Oréal colour specialist. Our partnership has been organic and we truly believe in our colour brand.


Shu Uemura - art of hair,

We are so excited to offer this exclusive luxurious experience to your hair care regime. This brand is synonymous with high end luxury but with a Japanese edge. The rarest of ingredients and the Japanese heritage make She Uemura one of the most sought after home care lines on the market. We are truly honoured to Haus this incomparable line. Click the pic to head straight to their website to dive deep into the world of Shu Uemura.

SCRUMMI TOWELS - SCRUMMI is a towel that provides the user the ultimate absorption with 100% sustainability. YEP again we have chosen a product that helps the planet. SCRUMMI towels are 100% biodegradable and recycled. And we are EXTREAMELY proud to be in partnership with them. 


Basically by booking your appointment at



You are helping the planet without even having to lift a finger. Except to swoosh your hair.

All of the products we have for creating your stunning healthy hair have been tried and tested by our creative director Frazer Wallace. He used his time in the industry to find the best out of all the colour houses , products, towels etc he could to hand select just the right ones for THEHAUSSTUDIO  ensuring your hair at home will be just as good as when you leave. And that's a promise.

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